Our Studs:

Sir Oliver vom Baersberg (Neuter)

blue mitted

born: 09/01/2006

father: Abacus aus der Zauberformel, seal mitted

mother: Champion Jule vom Baersberg , blue mitted


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Int.Champion Satinova´s Twilight

lilac bicolour

born: 03/07/2011

father: Satinova´s Marlin, seal bicolour

mother: Lenitas Hot Chocolate, chocolate mitted



Gr.Int.Champion The Cute Cats Fairy Prince

seal lynx mitted

born: 04/02/2011

father: Royal Ragnacity´s Me Bubba Jr., seal lynx point

mother: Cute June te Wierik, blue cream point mitted


Prince has Bloud group A, tested in HCM, PKD, FeLV and FIV


Result: tested negative!





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